Could you please tell what else could be good fertilizer (store-bought or home-made, either) for white fragrant flowers?Thanks for your time! add flowering one next to this in the same pot.Hope this helps! Whenever u want to Grow Mogra Plant ...source Thank you for liking my blog!Mogra plants do well when trimmed after flowering. Also, I see bugs crawling on the ixora plant. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. The mogra plant grows best in area that receives full sunlight as in our case and the plant is at its best during summers. Try to change place of your plant and especially so that it gets full sunlight.Trim the dried portions and leave only few stems with leaves that are healthy. The plant seems to be doing well and has put forth two red-colored shoots. Of course you can connect on or better connect on Face Book Group name - Garden Care Simplified, so all other members also benefit. I did change the plant position. Some week all its leaves started to fall so i placed it to bigger pot and in sunlight. Propagating your own jasmine plant is the best way to multiply your favourite plant you love. Buy jasminum sambac, mogra, arabian jasmine - plant from Indias largest online plant nursery at best price. Yes Nisha, you can keep trimming the stems after the flowering time. So often I see the leaves and … Dip the cutting into rooting powder (cheap and organic rooting powder can be made using cinnamon bark powder – just dip the rooting point into this powder or alternately purchase a rooting powder) Cuttings grow best in summer and humid atmosphere (60 to 80 degree C is ideal) I tried spraying neem oil and soap and also panchgavya ...but plants looks bare ...its very depressing- what should i do? hello, my mogra flowers are attacked by some pests,on the other side of the leave I can see some minor insects, leaves lose color,become whitish, change shape. Thank you for your suggestions. 2. then.5) As for destroying the plant, try till the last breath! I have experienced that!Happy Gardening,Sneha. Although it may be prone to fungal attacks in May, spraying neem oil, diluted in water and insecticidal shampoo effectively arrests disease. Hi Rizwana,Around a month back I bought 2 mogra plants (different variety), each about 8-10" tall. as per above comments i am planning to shifting the plant. Mogra plant is dwarf growing shrub with almost stalkless leaves and wavy margins. Recently I noticed some white insects getting stuck to it's leaves and shoots. Raj, welcome to garden care simplified. I have mogra, roses and chameli already. Hope this helps! Hello Anonymous Bageecha organic Mix is a good one as have tried this few times. Thank you, Rizwana. But this year it did not bloom at all. The mogra plants we have, have less leaves and more flowers, so plant needs energy for flowering and many leaves will eat up this energy. Salvia divinorum, another plant that shares the same genus as salvia is utilised by the Mazatec people of Mexico to facilitate shamanic visions in the context of healing. i am waiting since a month now but no progress. The inside humidity is 22% - not too good. The plant needs light pruning and moderately well-drained soil and full-sun. The flowers are harvested in bud stage either in the evening or early in the morning by handpicking. Thanks Hydroponics Kits Solutions, your products are worth trying. She has kept them on her 3rd floor balcony, & they all get abundant sunlight. How many days it will take to flower?Regards. Also, the soil is always wet. Since I purchased the plant in June, it has not put forward new shoots. thanks a lot.. :) um what exactly do you mean by tips? Since I purchased it in July, many of the old leaves look brownish and the plant has but forth only one new leaf in the last month or so. We have to Dissolve the pebbles in water first, and then add this water to plants. The plant can be grown as a short climber too. Simple theme. Please let me have the botanical name for the Indian Mogra as i want to grow one in South Africa.Thanks. Watering is stopped during November to enable the plants to rest. Thanks :). He has been exploring the magical world of plants from last thirteen years, primarily through teaching and training. Thanks. Fill the pot with well drained soil. Each phase of flowering lasts for around seven days during which the blossoms appear profusely. Hello Kushal,, flowering plants do need sunlight at least for some time of the day to give out flowers.1) If there are no pests then try trimming the tips regularly in few weeks, to encourage healthy growth. Luckily stumled upon your site. The most hardy is the one in picture here gives plenty of blooms and very less care.Other one with five petals flowers, and the madanbaan mogra like rose flower. Hi I had purchsed my mogra flower last year and it gave me only one flower in the start ...the year has.passes and it hasnt blossomed ever since ...the plant has grown tall but no signs of budding....some leaves have brown spots on them.....please help. Any advice how to spring it back to life?ThanksAL. kindly guide, Welcome Nautica2406 to my Garden Care Simplified! Hope this helps, God Bless from Rizwana! (There's also a Malti climber, which flowers moderately, a Kamini bush, which flowers moderately too, & a Raat Rani, which flowers abundantly, touchwood! Hope this helps.All the Best! Thank you very very much Dr Vivek for sharing this important tip for readers of Garden Care Simplified. Ask, question, Inquire, share about Passion and Challenges of Gardening! Hope this helps many mogra plant lovers! Hope this helps. Fragrant Raat Rani Plant Cestrum Nocturnum  Queen of Night or our commonly known raat ki raani is a fragrant flowering bush. During cloudy days and rainy season plants kept in windows require watering care. Hello Anonymous this is a beautiful color flowering plant, Aboli, I am not sure about deficiencies, I only go with observation and think what might have been going wrong, but have seen that when there is too much sunlight, too much fertiliser, or the plant begins to grow very fast the lower leaves tend to turn purplish and fall off. Usually after a few months the soil gets too tight and has a layer of fungus moss and thus stops water from reaching the roots.5) Finally , I don't have scientific base for this but when some stranger plucks flowers the plant goes into shock .Hope your plant soon springs up, lots of love to your plant, , keep sharingAll the Best from Rizwana! Hello Ma'am,I have a mogra plant that I got last year which bloomed twice then. Is trimming the infected branch a good panacea? Plants can easily be grown by root division at the time of re-potting. You can add some feedings what ever your plants love and keep them trimmed a bit from tips so that they can conserve energy and produce flowers.All the Best from Rizwana! Resumption of watering: After application of manures, irrigation should commence slowly, and the frequency of watering is increased after the appearance of flower buds. Today I am going to show you how to grow mogra or jasmine in pot . Thanks. Plz suggest some tips so that the flowers do come as in the previous season daily 8-10 flowers were coming from each plant on average. Even the roots are affected. Elephants Are Beating the Heat With Watermelons, Aren’t You? Hi SciEntiStyou may avoid trimmming in very hot season, and afternoons. Hi Rizwana!I felt that you're quite "perceptive" with plants, & I'm disturbing you for help!My problem is the same as Smita's, only, it is with my Mom's Juhi, Chameli, & 2 Mogras. The good news is that salvia coccinea is available at local nurseries in Thane. irecently brought mogra from the nursery and palnted in the pot it is outside and receives lots of sunlight my concern is when in winter i gt it inside i do not get a lot of sunlight in the house i have big windows and get light but not direct sunlight any tips? How reliable is Bageecha Organic mix available in local nurseries consisting of the following ingredients: tobacco powder, neem powder, groundnut oil cake powder, powdered castor oil cake, and humus for promoting growth of mogras and other flowering plants? Please name them. Hi Sam,Do check whether he plants have near their root brown aphids, these eat away the nutrition from the plants.Yes the nursery people may be giving an overdose of fertilizer to bring forced blooming. But in a day it has completely wilted. Have no buds / flowers. BTW its gets about 4 hours of direct sun and i water it every evening. I am trying to resuscitate the plant. Thursday, December 31, 2020; Publisher - Helping the world grow. Suggested uses. At the time, the planmt was blooming profusely for first two months and was vigorously putting forth new foliage. Hi Rizwana, Very informative site. Pl. the plant sprouted lots of green leaves and lots and lots of buds. I love this plant and would greatly appreciate if you can advice me how to take care of this problem. I would like to know about more flower plants I can plant in my garden both in pots and in direct land. I recently bought a mogra from a nursery,placed it in west facing window.sunlight it gets is about 4-5 bit concerned about the scarce sunlight(rainy season not helping this at all),how should i manage frequently should i water it?Pls advice,thnks in advance. personal experience my mogra plants give healthy blooms once a year. Hi friend the most summer flower plant jasmine growing tips and care. How to grow Huge Anthurium flowers 3 simple tips/Make Amla Murabba at home recipe/ You Tube The Land of Enchantment Fantasy Fairy Tale for Children/ 9 Gardening Goals 2020. Better to trim some parts so that the others grow healthy.Hope this helps! Hello anonymous welcome to Garden Care Simplified.Mogra plants flowers are available in different varieties that is the shape of flower, that has five petal , thicker flower like roses, , some plants have very tiny bud like flowers that have many layers within, I am not so sure about name bat mogra, but we have three different varieties of jasmine, mogra flowers, I think the tiny buds like flowers that do not open wide, maybe the bat mogra, will try to find out more.they look like tiny buttons but the flower has great fragrance, similar to tiny roses, usually used in gajras.If your plant is healthy and the blooms are fragrant then you must enjoy the blooms! Hello Anonymous welcoem to Garden Care Simplified.Yellow Ixora are unique colored flowers, we have the red and peach colored ones., must be looking great in bunches.The most strongest ones are of peach colored that grow and flower whole year round. hello Rizwana...its a great blog i must tell you..your answers were very helpful..i have a little different problem though..i recently bought a Mogra plant from a nursery.. planted in a big terracotta container and kept it in my window facing east..since 4-5 days i have noticed some spots are developing on the leaves..they are translucent at the beginning and converting into small holes after a while..would you please tell me what to do? I'd greatly appreciate your advice. All the Best from Rizwana! I water regularly, feed them with fertilizers on a regular basis but they get little amount of sun light. Hi Rizwana:I noted that planting ixora odorata attracts sunbirds. Hi Rizwana: Thank you for your suggestion with respect to the orange ixora. Last week I got a rose plant (cross cut at node) from a larger parent plant and planted it. Named Saussurea Obvallata it... Garden Care Simplified 2010-2021 Mrs.Rizwana A.Mundewadi . what happens to the plant in winter, if i plant it outside ? Terrace, Container Entryway, Gardening Challenges,Window Sill Garden limitations over the past many decades with original photographs is shared in this Google Garden Blog. It is essential in the flowering season. This helps the plant to grow huge leaves and so do the flowers grow bigger. Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac, olive family Oleaceae) is an evergreen shrub native to India, but is also planted in most tropical climates around the world.It is the national flower of Indonesia and the Philippines. Tag Archives: how to grow mogra plant from cutting. Sometimes in very hot and dry climates, the disease caused by Curvularia results in loss of foliage. VijayKumar, thanks for coming by my blog, as for mogra plant you will have to inquire to your nearest nursery or maybe shop from online plant selling sites. It was really fast!! Thanks again, I am owing to inform you that you could find some more ideas about the same topic at my blog too. Should we destroy the Chinese jasmine so that the neighbouring plants are not affected? Hope this helps.All the Best! The Brahma Kamla plant found in Himalayas is often mixed with the plant seen growing on window sill in homes. Hello,I trimmed the plant post flowering season, however, the new leaves that are growing are quite small. This is so Awesum! The plant can also be propagated by layering, commonly ground layering. Hi All,I had purchased mogra from a local nursery and it bloomed for the buds it had whilst I purchased it. Hi Rizwana. 4.3 out of 5 stars 800. the correct procedure to add tea leaves is after the tea is boiled use … Although native to India, it is commonly known as Arabian Jasmine. Two parts of loam soil and one part well-decomposed. Hi Rizwana: I am staying on the eighth floor and have a mogra plant in my window garden that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight in summer. About Mogra plant: Mogra plant is dwarf growing shrub with almost stalkless leaves and wavy margins. What might be wrong? Hi Rizwana:Would very much value your experience with respect to protecting ixora plants in winter when direct sunshine reduces. Conservatory, Greenhouse, Sub-Tropical. Not even a single bud. How to grow Mogra plant in Pot - Hello friends I am Ayan . Lovely blog. This will keep the plant in control and give a fuller bushy appearance and also encourage more flowering. Jasminum sambac (Arabian jasmine) will reach a height of 3m and a spread of 3m after 5-10 years.. I have good space available at least 60X20 sq feet. Does the sunlight fall over your window sill in mornings at least?I do not know exactly how to guide you but with experience of growing plant indoors I can say that if the leaves are green the plant is healthy, then it will grow, no need to worry.As for central heating avoid placing your plant near the vent or the window where chilly breeze.The mogra plants are tough and survive harsh weather, and it does take few months off, mine was sleeping for three months and now got the growth spurt with fresh green leaves on tips.Place your plant near artificial light bulb or light fixture during winter months, not too close so that leaves burn, and not too far away so that it does not get the warmth. earliar when mogra was fine, soil used to get dry in a day, Hmm, sorry Mandar, a month is a long time, yet if the stem us green, ypu can transplant it in other container. But this year I haven't gotten many flowers. The plant … : Moderate Watering is good for Mogra plant. . Smita I am afraid this may be a non flowering one, as I have noticed, some plants never flower at all, we had a rose climber that went wild but never flowered for more than 7 years and finally i parted with it.depends upon that individual genes, as for your plant, if you personally wish to take the risk as i do , some drastic measure may help, as they did for my mogra plant affected by brown root mites, , remove the plant, trim the roots, clean, a bit and then replant, also do try and see what happens without trimming let it grow, try feeding it with used tea leaves, and ready mixture from nursery and finally wait.Maybe the plant has not matured enough to bloom, or plain just bad luck with selection of plant.Hope you get to see the blooms soon. 99. keep me posted would love to hear from you., Hi Rizwana:I highly recommend cocopeat as a planting medium for ixoras, money plants, and indoor palms. The leaves have begun taking on a yellowish cast and I see black soot on the leaves. Two parts of loam soil and one part well-decomposed cow manure makes an ideal potting mixture. You will receive - 1 Jasmine Sambac Herb Plant in a 50 X 75mm tube - General growing instructions All of our Herb Plants are grown organically with certified organic potting mixes and fertilizers. Read more about ‘Health Benefits of Mogra Flower!’. With the close of each flowering phase, watering is wholly stopped for days together till the appearance of fresh flowering buds. Buy Fragrant Mogra Plant for Compassionate Mom and 6000+ more gardening products online. advice. HiThanks for your reply ,there is lot of sunshine coming from the window during the day but its going to be cold ofcourse in the winter time ,I try to put it in the artificial light . Hi Rizwana,i have just started keeping plants at my balcony where we get 2 to 3 hours sunlight in the morning. tried this for indoor flowering plants and it worked.All the Best, take care. Do the flowers come in rainy season or is that they need some fertilizers. Would value your advice. Manuring: Plenty of well-rotted farmyard manure is added to the potting soil after pruning a plant, along with NPK fertilizers. The plant is in the west side and gets about 4/5 hrs of sunlight. Also I find your blog fantastic.Narendra. Watering regularly and placing it in a cool, partially shaded area will keep this p… I feed her around 0.7ltr of tap water everyday in morning. The Red Pilgrim's Soul Perk^Up Healing Art, Night Blooming Jasmine Raat Ki Rani Cestrum Nocturnum Plant Care and Tips, The Fragrant Parijat Flower Plant , Parijaat care and Childhood memories with my favourite Marathi Poem, The Healthy Blooms of Brahma Kamal Flowering Plant, Close up of Mogra Flower Buds on Mogra Plant. Soon after, no doubt the plant put forward some 23 flowers-nothing compared to the 100 flowers put forward by the plant in July when blooming was at its zenith. The reason might be- 1) Too much feedings, wash this out, with water. Cultivation. Can you suggest me what needs to be done to make it bloom again as it was when purchased?? After the bloom was over , I trimmed it for futher growth , but now the plant looks week , its new shoots ( from the end of previous leaves) are not growing beyond 2 - 3 inches and show up only 1 flower. I have had luck with adding used tea leaves, cleaned and washed properly. The plant leaves turned white and forgot about flowers, there were hardly any leaves! all it's leaves have fallen I guess that's a natural start..just hoping it takes root..Lots of doubts for one post I know! Defoliation: Once the watering is stopped, the plants shed the leaves. 3) For more flowers, large sized blooms and more fragrant blooms- as above 1, trim lanky shoots and make the stems healthy and strong , they give out great blooms. but since then it is dead. 4) the proportion of pesticides sprayed might have been strong and the plant is not taking it well, give more water for few days , wash out the soil of any remains. like one life saved!Please I would suggest let it grow, let the plant become healthy, as here the first priority is to save the plant,All the best! Also, the new branches have become unwieldy and the plant seems to have assumed a creeper-like form. Thanks Rizwana...oh yeah the mogra did looks beautiful...I hope to see more buds.cheers,T, Hi, There is a mogra plant on my mom's window and has been planted since pat 3 years or may be more. But the small leaves shrivel, turn brown and die within a few days of sprouting. : Once the watering is stopped, the plants shed the leaves. is it dead? I have kept the plant in a west-facing window and have stirred the potting mixture and removed a bit of soil and pruned a branch with one leaf that had spores. Remove and see if there are roots alive or rotten, you may still be able to save if the leaves have fallen yet the stem is green, Hello Rizwana I have three Morgan plants and residing in Delhi None of them bloom one is very near to the mango tree in the ground what to do please suggest, I am glad to find amazing information from the blog. The heavy scented. Pot height:12inch, plant height:20inch and regularly increasing. Thank you so Much... Will keep these tips in mind... Hi Rizwana, Our Mogram bloomed around a month back. After the plant is through blooming, you can keep the plant in a cool room, but no cooler than 41 degrees. chanced upon my page from Google search, Please do share ,You may not need it Growing Jasmine from Cuttings. However, hardy plastic pots are also suitable. But looks like it is not helping.Any suggestions ? Hello Vidhwan827, thank you so much for your lovely kind words, yes its great to have you on Garden Care Simplified.I am so sad about your plant , I am sure it will spring back soon , this is one of the facts of life, it will definitely show off with some green shoots soon as it adapts to the cool temperatures indoors., all we can do is wait and watch!All the Best!