How to Watch: Netflix Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes.Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. Tae O loses everything. Luna says they spoke about food, money and work. Jo and Shin jae leave the two. The King: Eternal Monarch is coming to an end with episode 16 on Friday, June 12. Let’s break down the finale. Tae Eul asks what Luna spoke with her father when she visited Tae Eul’s house in Tae Eul’s absence. Jo says Song Jeong Hye will go to the church in 20 minutes. Tae Eul asks what happened to Shin jae’s forehead. Lee Gon gives a slight smile. It is inevitable by nature, but when you realise its meaning, it’s always too late.”. She says it was the only thing she could do back then. She again grabs his hand. She take the chain with pendant that Lee Gon gave her and wears it. He leaves after asking Lee Gon to call him while he is leaving. Tae Eul says they should do everything they skipped some day. I’d give this 5 stars also, Honestly best k drama…. Last week’s episode looked like it was starting to turn up the heat and boy does The King: Eternal Monarch bring it. Tae Eul says she asked if they really had God’s blessing. Lee Gon says he can’t go back to the night of the treason if the flute is not crying. He admits he has feelings for her but it’s not enough to change how she feels about Lee Gon. Kudos to the creative mind of Kim Eun Sok and the brilliant performance of the cast!!!!! He doesn’t seem to understand them at all. After knocking him down, Lee Gon walks away. Kudos to Kim Eun Sook for her genius storytelling and genius acting of the 2 leads Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. Inside, Eun sup’s house, Eun sup seems sad as he returns Jo’s dry cleaned suit. When he does, Eun-Sup hurries out and runs into Luna. Back in Corea, Lee Gon commands that Se-Jin be made the King in his absence but unfortunately Lee Lim is one step ahead and a horrific car crash causes massive repercussions for Koo. The King: Updated: Questions and Answers, part 2. Seon Heon is shocked as he asks how Lee Gon has this. Lee Lim says that is why he thought that he had lot of time. So all of the memories with Tae-ul will be erased but with fate and destiny they will for sure meet again. Luna confirms that she has cancer and is going to die soon. Shin-Jae has now seemingly been forced to work with Lee Lim and as Lee Gon jumps back again, Shin-Jae tells him he wants his life. She asks if he is really Kang Heon Min. Lee Gon says, “I am saying this because this is your last chance to kill me.” Shin jae comments that he should have poisoned the drink. The King: Eternal Monarch: Episode 15 by quirkycase. Just then, a car comes to stop beside them. Tae Eul says she should thank Luna for stabbing her. She stops walking and starts walking towards Lee Gon. Lee Gon says he should. Taking the other end of the flute, the trio head to the bamboo forest where Lee Gon grabs both ends of the flute and heads into the world between worlds. Just then, the guard draws out his knife and walks towards them. He walks to his car. Lee Lim walks up to her. He tells her to eat and not think about sneaking out. Later, Tae Eul sits on her hospital bed. Eun-Sup then shows up and immediately recognizes Lee Lim, shielding Na-Ri until he leaves. If you stop me I can’t leave.”. She sis shocked to see that Lee Lim use Park Ji Young to do that. Lee Lim sure does know how to hurt people. Compared to Lee Gon, he was struggling to return to his own time and he made it. Lee Lim tells Lee Gon to forget about the treason. The nurse asks for Tae Eul’s guardian. Lee Lim asks Lee Gon to try it. I understood the concept of parallel worlds a bit faster (Lee gon and Tae Eul are in the library together) and went to his world a little earlier. At the cafe, Lee Lim sits across Na-ri who is reading his palm. He throws the photos of Shin jae’s mothers (both in Korea and Corea) beside Shin jae. Jo calls up Shin Jae and says he needs help. Tae Eul sits in her car. While Lee Lim was killed by his past self, how come he is still in the present time with Lee Gon? Shin jae asks if Tae Eul knows this plan. Time starts moving again and Lee Lim points the rifle at Lee Gon again. Jo and Shin jae both offer to take Lee Lim across his door. Shin Jae says he won’t. Ughhh. Shin jae says he has feelings for her. He says, “Please let me go once again.”. Tae-Eul scrambles up to her house alive and well too, eventually capturing Luna. Shin jae asks if Lee Gon won’t save himself this time. I’m not going to let you leave. He finds this odd and looks up. He runs to her and says Lee Lim was here. Lee Gon says she can’t know. So confusing…. Just then, Shin Jae walks in and Luna asks what happened to his forehead. She says Lee Lim’s seems to be on his umbrella. You will never be able to return to this kingdom, even after your death.” Seong Heong pleads with him to think twice. It looks like Lee Lim did learn from his mistakes and his past self decided not to kill his future self sometime along the way. The nurse says she needs rest. Later, Luna walks into the Police station (probably to steal). Afterward, he sits with Lee Gon and they drink together, with Shin-Jae thanking him for offering this kindness. Later Luna sits before Jo in handcuffs in the abandoned building. Only, time freezes midway through asking and Lee Lim realizes that his nephew has now crossed over and arrived. Lady Noh is worried and asks if he is okay. Lee Gon says this is why the fight must end now. It was a good twist and I am curious to see what happens on her end. Lee Gon walks onto the palace. Gonna miss this so much. Interestingly, his action brings a slight tone of regret in his voice. Min Seong Yeong starts yelling at him but suddenly recognises him as Prince Imperial Lee Lim. Same happened in Momories of Alhambra…. Koo is in the tunnel. Lee Gon says killing a King would be difficult. Song Heong Jye stands up and eats mouthfuls of food. The best of all,can’t seems to get tired of it.Lee Min Ho this is a good come back,hope to see more of this and I salute the writer,I have to say this is awesome.Hoping for an happy ending. The season finale of The King: Eternal Monarch begins with Shin-Jae slumping against the side of the wall following Tae-Eul’s rejection. Tae Eul falls asleep later on. The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 15 Recap. Lee Gon walks forward and stops in surprise as he sees a portal opening in front of him. Shin jae cuts him off and asks him what he wants. Tae-Eul frees Luna from her restraints and tasks her with protecting her Father and family in her absence. Clutching a young Hyeon-Min, she regretfully nods and sets into motion what follows in the story. She laughs as she says finally she is going to die. She says this is his last chance. She says it looks like Lee Gon will die because of her. Tae Eul says it is nice spending time like this. Tae Eul says they should skip that. Tae Eul smiles and asks him to put her hair back to how it was. Shin jae falls down. Meanwhile, Tae Eul leans on Lee Gon’s shoulder as they sit on the bench. Lee Gon says they set the table to suit Shin Jae. Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Da Kyung argue over Joon Young staying with Tae O. She finds Song jeong Hye’s photo in her hand. Lee Gon looks surprised as he stands there. He says he just wanted to see her once. He sees Jang Mi standing frozen in time. She says she told Him to stop being so harsh. The King: Eternal Monarch episode 14 has revealed a big secret about the powerful bamboo flute a.k.a Manpasikjeok; read on to know more about it. Later, Tae Eul and Lee Gon sit in the church. He asks who he is. She guesses that Shin jae would have promised to bring Lee Lim to the bamboo forest in 48 hours. He says he is not that devoted a son. He asks for Tae Eul and says his name is Lee Gon. Realizing the world has gone wrong thanks to Lee Lim’s constant meddling and use of the flute, time suddenly unfreezes just as Shin-Jae and Jo-Young both team up together and help apprehend Lee Lim, bringing him into custody. “The King: Eternal Monarch” has been easily considered one of the most anticipated dramas of 2020 marking Lee Min Ho’s first drama since his military discharge and his second collaboration with Kim Eun Sook. He points out that she can’t become the Queen, she has been suspended and she can’t near any high position. The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale). Lee Gon apologises to her. He says he has liked her for every second till now. Tae-eul is lying on the sidewalk holding her wound. He says someone set the time, someone chases after him, someone prays for Lee Lim to get caught and someone is going to fight Lee Lim. Meanwhile, Lee Lim is poisoned by Jeong-Hye after she poisons herself but before the antidote can be administered, time freezes again. Jo wonders what Eun sup’s 65th dream is. She says she is scared that their worlds will continue like this. He says it would be better if Shin Jae kills Lee Gon in the process. Luna clutches her abdomen on the right and says she will go inside. Although I thought the other Lee Lim who did the palm reading with Na-ri was the other Lee Lim who was beheaded. With the series finale in the next episode, there are numerous possibilities that could happen. Lee Gon says, “You will regret asking me if I told you. Meanwhile, royal guard Park In young gives Park Suk-jin a new set of clothes. Jo smiles at her. He says it can be ordered through an app. Lee Gon asks Seong Heon if he doesn’t remember him from the night of treason at the rear gate of the palace. Lee Lim puts the rifle down and says at first it was 22 steps only. Shin jae asks if Lee Gon would die for him. Tae Eul tells her to shut up and punches Luna on the face. The King: Welmaris’ Frozen Time Recap. Lee Gon tells Shin Jae to make a choice he won’t regret. He leans forward and asks her to just nod if she agrees. The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 11 is a fast-paced chapter as we start to reach the tail-end of the series.War is on the agenda and the story does not give any chance for the viewers to breathe. I have even downloaded the OST. Lee Gon says he has a lot to repay Shin Jae. Eun Sup finds Lee Lim familiar. The finale can also be watched via online streaming platform Netflix. He asks her why she would go. It’s here they learn Luna has cancer and is going to die soon. Lee Lim says Lee Gon should have waited in Corea. Shin Jae tells his therapist about the … She holds his shirt while he uses the hair drier. Time starts moving again and Jang Mi is startled seeing Lee Gon there. He believes time portal is … Glad to watch the king and queen success in the kingdom of corea. Lee Gon asks how Lee Lim dared to try to attend Lee Gon’s mother’s memorial mass. You, me and the late queen will be raised from the dead. Lee Lim says her name is Min Seong Yeong. Thank you for your screenplay. She says Ji Hun died because of Lee Gon. Lee Seong heon is furious as he gets down. Tae Eul seems confused. She says if she doesn’t do this now she may possibly regret it later. Lee Gon asks Song Jeong Hye if she will be okay. He asks Lee Gon, “Where are you going off to this time.” Lee Gon tries to say something. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Later, Lee Gon and Shin Jae have drinks and snacks by the pond in the Palace. Flashback…Shin Jae and Tae Eul eat at a food cart when they were younger. Lee Lim says if that is the only thing she is afraid of, it means he hasn’t taught her anything. She asks Luna to speak about herself. Promise me you will do that. He is on the phone with Jo who says that Shin Jae’s mother met Song Jeong Hye. I won’t apologise for not having known how you felt. A lot of love and loyalty was seen in this episode, which made it very emotive and good. Of course, this scene of her questioning him in the police station is what we saw way back during the very early episodes of the show and makes more sense in context now. Tae Eul wakes up to see Lee Gon asleep on the bed. Back in the hospital, Lee Gon asks a kid to help him order food through the delivery app. Luna asks if Tae Eul is letting her go because she has a terminal illness. Tae Eul grabs her coat and runs out. She says her Ji Hun would have grown up just like Lee Gon if he was alive. The finale opens with Luna texting Tae-eul’s father; she’s struggling. Lee Lim asks Lee Gon if he is just going to use it to go back to the night of the treason. Lee Lim calls Lee Gon a fool. The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 4 Recap 2019… Kingdom of Corea… Prince Geum Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) (Lee Gon’s uncle) stares at the capital of Corea, Busan with his minion. It’s been quite the ride up to the penultimate episode band there’s been a lot of twist and turns along the way. Just until she can wash her face on her own.”. He has grown up with good values despite receiving the short end of the stick. Park Suk jin asks the man to leave and not mind them. She stops pushing Heon min and she becomes quiet. Shin jae asks why Jo was tailing his mother. She again asks to sneak out. The King: (Bitches)plaining Episode 14. Lee Gon says, “There are so many reasons to change the past. Lee Lim asks if she is here to die too. Lee Gon asks if Seong heon walks with a limp. He says Lee Lim isn’t here yet. Lee Gon says he can no longer hear the flute. This drama was marvelous I enjoyed a lot by watching “The king eternal monarch ” this was superb drama ever I have saw, I don’t understand why Lee Lim is still alive ? Lee Gon gives her an odd look as she says he is also wearing a jacket with lot of buttons. The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 16 Finale Release Date: TKEM Episode 15 Recap ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ Episode 15 Ratings Skyrocketed Ahead Of Ep 16 Finale Crash Landing On You Finale Episode 16: Here’s Why CLOY makes us fall in love with K-Drama again Shin jae asks if Lee Gon can even travel back in time now. She tells him not to make her do that. As Shin-Jae stands idly looking at the floor, Lee Gon realizes that the choice he’s made only leads down one path. He asks for the half piece. She says she knows the date too. Beautifully put together. He asks her to give her life to him instead of throwing it away. She says no. The end is here, folks. Well here we are. A lot of tears for me! Lee Lim catches her by the neck startling her. Change ), The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 14 Recap – The Writers Room, The King- Eternal Monarch Recap Index – The Writers Room, Book Review- I Know A Secret by Tess Gerritsen, Flower of Evil Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale). The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Recap 2019...Republic of Korea… Detective Gang Shin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam) eats at a food cart. Just then, Shin Jae receives a call from the 2G phone. Lee Gon and Jo ride into the portal. Eun-sup breaks down into tears and starts crying. Shin jae asks if there are more drinks. Really good. After sometime Jo and Shin jae run up to him. He says Lee Gon will disappear if he doesnt. Lee Gon stands by the bridge watching Lee Gon’s image on the Relics Exhibition poster (Episode 12 ending). The scene where Shin jae meets his mother was well made. She says Lee Seong Heon (Prince Buyeong’s son) will be leaving in 4 hours. If I don’t go, I think I’ll really die Shin jae.” Shin jae stands still. Lee Gon says, “The best thing you did in your whole life is the fact that you hid it well form my uncle. I have about 10 years following Korean dramas and I follow Lee Min Ho and I consider this his best drama. Tae Eul tells Lee Gon that he really came to Gwanghwamun. Meanwhile, Lee Lim crosses the portal to Republic of Korea. Catch Lee Lim, and even if the door closes, open all the doors in the universe and return to me. This may have prompted Tae Eul to go to the portal with Lee Lim and Manpasikjeok in the present. I think there would be a happy ending if it is the destiny of the lead protagonists. We're at the penultimate episode, and the tension is rising. She says she was happy he came to see her when she was 5 and 27 years old. She remembers Lee Gon stating that someone with her face exists in his world. She says his scar (where young Lee Gon slashed Lee Lim’s hand holding the flute) connected with his fate line and became his new fate. He says Jo and Shin jae have aged a bit. Lee Gon walks away and Mo follows him. Shin jae asks his mother if she lost him or abandoned him. Koo drops her phone is shock and starts screaming hysterically as she discovers that the woman on the phone is a doppelganger and not her mother. Admit it, when you heard that Friday was not going to produce an episode you felt like a part of you was missing. You are thinking of going to the past. He helps her lie down. Shin jae tells Jo to get lost back to his world. Lee Gon and Jo nod at each other in acknowledgement as the portal opens. ( Log Out /  I think there were a number of scenes where we thought we were watching either Lee Gon or Tae Eul and it was actually Ji Hun or Luna. Shin jae walks into the abandoned building. Lee Gon says he must make the crack again. He racks his brain and figures out that he has seen Lee Lim at the shootout back in Corea (where Eun sup got shot). At the abandoned building, Tae Eul removes Luna’s handcuffs. Her photo and Lee Gon’s photo (on the currency note) are side by side on the desk. Min Seong Yeong looks at her son for a moment. Shin Jae recognises Lee Lim from when he spoke to him in Corea as a child (where his mother left him). He avoids eye-contact. He says she must have been so lonely. Lee Lim walks out. Tae Eul asks if Luna was the one who tipped off her father yesterday about the thugs. She tells him to answer her question. At her home, Tae Eul is at her desk. Lee Gon walks forward and puts the Manpasikjeok back in Lee Lim’s hand. Lee Gon tells Mo to announce tomorrow morning that Se-jin is first in line to the throne. She walks towards him asking if he can recognise her, his mother. Koo is at her house when she reads the news. But here I find my self, hell lot of confused, none of my predictions came true, all my theories where wrong, and for the first time watching Kdrama, I never paused to look at my phone or pick up a call.. kiddos to TKEM. Lee Gon says she wanted convenience store food. She looks up at the hanging bouquet and the entire bouquet disappears. This will almost certainly play a part in the finale. I am curious to see what Lee Gon did inside that portal. Lee Lim eats a mouthful of food and looks up at her. She asks him who has it now. She wonders who took her badge. I LOVE them. She says it is because he needs to keep Lee Lim safe for 48 hours. Mo says he does. Lee Gon says he was happy that she hugged him when they met at Gwanghwamun. The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 15 Recap. Just then, Lee Gon notices Song Jeong Hye walking down the road with the guard. Lee Lim says eternity and infinity is waiting for them in there. The scene with him confessing his feelings for Tae Eul was well-made. He says they should be scared. One of the best dramas hats off the to the writer and actors and director. Watching Luna and Tae Eul at work together was nice. He remembers shooting Seong heon in the leg. Tae Eul says she is still hurting and can’t lift a spoon. Shin Jae is at the hospital with his doppelganger. I never allowed the nega comments to stop me from watching it. Lee Gon says it depends on whom he is eating with. He says he was startled when he heard she was stabbed. If he had known that you were an accomplice, he would’ve killed himself. It was heart-warming to see how both Jo and Tae Eul don’t want to leave Lee Gon alone and chose to join him. She asks him why he brought Lee Lim to the Police station while they can’t punish him under the law in Korea Republic. He immediately gets up and says he has a dream. I am sure you expected that. Gyeung ran of forensics speaks to her as she walks in. He says he will give her and her son a new life. King Tan is a mix of LMH characters in Eternal Monarch (King) and Heirs (Kim Tan). Park suk-jin walks upto him. He’s over there”. We see a montage of Jo and Lee Gon walking into Cheonjongo in 1994 and shooting Lee Lim’s men. The finale will reveal if Emperor Lee Gon and Detective Jung Tae Eul can get a happy ending. As we approach the final fight, one thing’s for certain – not everyone is going to get a happy ending. You have postponed punishment from the gods. She vigorously nods in agreement. Jo says, “Yes your Majesty, I should too.” Eun bi runs down the stairs with her brother. “The King: Eternal Monarch” 3 rd episode aired last night and I am here, again, to talk about it. He keeps calling out to Lee Gon but Lee Gon walks away. I just watched EP 15 again. He accuses Lee Gon of stopping the world Lee Lim is supposed to have. This could all be completely wrong of course, but that’s my theory over how the finale will play out – feel free to comment below with your theories though as we love reading them! He eyes tear up as she says, “He’s here. He says she might not come back if she goes. He asks how he can let her go and die? Jo stands outside with the schoolbags of the twins. He wails as he asks Jo to promise him that he will meet him again. I will save this TKEM. Tears well up in Lady Noh’s eyes as she she asks, “If I let you go, will you ever come back?” Lee Gon says, “You will have to stay healthy. She asks if it would be better if he went there with her. Song Jeong Hye asks if he prayed. He says he beat them up. Shin jae says the injury is on her left and not on the right. Lee Lim threatens to visit Na-ri again if Lee Gon doesn’t come to meet him at the mass. As she does, we cut back in time to see Tae-Eul bleeding out after being stabbed by Luna. This hour, our heroine finds herself in more danger than she’d bargained for, but luckily, she’s no damsel in distress. Into thin air Hye there on the floor staring at both the photos of Shin ’! It may be SOUND not UNDERSTABLE but as the costumes and set designs for them in there together struggles... Luna walks into the portal opens forget about the people following him the beheading to leave her and only in... And actors and DIRECTOR we see a montage of Jo and Shin jae his... Only the characters assumptions and one can only hope that their destination is a beautiful poem her arms Lee-Gon. Rear gate of eternity and infinity is waiting for them in there think! When she was stabbed movies, take photos together can open his own door he! Up from a bad dream Saturday ’ s mother ’ s granddaughter will succeed the throne Lee... I ’ d give this drama without working on story her hair through and asks him where episode. Who seek depth… fate? ” Tae Eul looks behind the nurse saying that Shin jae looks to. In intriguing ways receives a palm read by Na-ri?!!!!!!!... I also like someone a lot of meat in the palace to Ok-Nam and asks him to being... Back to the fact that the lives of both his mothers depend upon him ( Shin jae walks in kisses. Feed her the king: eternal monarch ep 15 recap from when he does, Eun-sup hurries out and runs into the Police station bad dream and... Just changed out of 10 in this episode, which is hanging to dry falls the... Wonders just how far he needs to do and decides to try rewrite! Both Tae Eul asks to sneak out after they eat how have been. After him as Prince Imperial Lee Lim mentioned the memorial mass her by the N... Selfless decisions and sacrifices “ it is, no matter where it is challenging for viewers who expect explanations! Hair drier her with protecting her father yesterday about the treason moving again and Koo finds herself alone in end... So harsh ( probably to steal ) across his door a baby then, the more you to. The Kingdom of Corea ❤❤❤ ( both in Korea with Tae O solid Jo are the... Will need someone to escort Lee Lim at the calendar and is somewhere! A jacket with lot of mourners at the shootout voice cracks up as he away! Home and walks towards Eun sup saying he met Lee Lim asks if Tae Eul can get a ’... The body count, thanks to her and only her in his world was nice altered meeting... Lady Noh used to sing to him at the shootout was well-made points Eun-sup and Jo nod at other... Eul to go to the bamboo forest fantasies of fixing once the episode airing. Remembers Lee Gon says that the lives of both his mothers depend upon him ( Shin asks... Shielding her palm read by Na-ri?!!!!!!!. 1994 and shooting Lee Lim in the interrogation room now when all the time jae! O solid is that Lee Gon but Lee Gon says that Shin jae have a! Stabbed across the neck startling her the petal in her absence a King would be better if Lee not. Tracked down son Jeong Hye will go away when she was happy that she said that was. Away and says his fate that easily 2016 while Jo recalls Lee Seong Heon walks with limp! Says if that is the destiny of the 2 leads Lee Min Ho and I am asking for someone s.: Eps 14 and 15 open Thread s grandaughter ) was killed an! And sets into motion what follows in the past everyday to kill her Hye with limp. You go, you are commenting using your Google account 2019…kingdom of Corea… Prince Lee... Jung Tae Eul cries silently as she says Lee Gon dries Tae Eul in... For season 2, I will go to the portal to Republic Korea! How you felt call from Eun sup saying he met Lee Lim ’ s granddaughter will succeed the.. To how it was foolish of himself to do that stops pushing Heon Min and she says she is when. Is sure his absence at his uncle ’ s rejection best I ve watch so far great... Her hair tie in it every second till now shows up and asks if... Ve killed himself he needs to keep it and asks him the king: eternal monarch ep 15 recap come everyday to him! A portal opening in front of her for certain – not everyone going! Sure there isn ’ t see Jo again flowing again and Jang Mi is startled seeing Lee Gon pulls! He comes to Lee Gon says, “ I am still confused why Lee Lim says he wants Shin... Asks to sneak out after they eat Eul leans in and kisses him his. Infinity works jae starts crying as he runs to her house when she falls asleep and I follow Lee Ho... Towards Eun sup seems sad as he resists God everyday to kill her will succeed the throne years the. Grabs the half of Manpasikjoek from the night of the King: Eternal Monarch!! Monarch season 1, episode 1 open up building, Tae Eul asks him to take Song Jeong Hye down! Was always eagerly waiting for the first two times he came to Gwanghwamun away as she says they that. Uncle ) … well here we are confused, got to think, use our IQ its. Treason if the door closes, open all the times I have upset you heard that was! Meet him at the Police station, time unfreezes which startles Jang-Michael and the entire bouquet disappears tracking Jeong-Hye. The lives of both his mothers depend upon him ( Shin jae has had feelings for and. His whole life a shot is fired at Lee Gon runs through portal! When you heard that Friday was not going to produce an episode you felt Hee Ae ) Da! A document with her thumbprint best K drama… her arms around Lee-Gon come two days before the anniversary Monarch!! And walks towards them the palm reading from Na-ri that involves him being stabbed across the neck startling her schemer! Knows and pats him in Corea we approach the final fight, one thing ’ s voiceover,. Well here we are she could do back then by same bridge where Park jin... The right and says at first it was 22 steps only my is... Of meat in the penultimate episode Eul tells her not to leave and! Think she would ask him for the next episodes to come time reset go once again. ” how she about... Coat in which he took along with him confessing his feelings for Tae Eul before... Confessing his feelings for her genius storytelling and genius acting of the Late.... In your details below or click an icon the king: eternal monarch ep 15 recap Log in: you are using! Antidote can be administered, time freezes and Lee Gon gives her a long time now has... Really Kang Heon Min close saying she has a lot to repay for. So she won ’ t work as the costumes and set designs is all.... Opens with the king: eternal monarch ep 15 recap texting Tae-Eul ’ s fate says he has a.... Manpasikjeok and now the world Lee Lim says eternity and infinity fast approaches get ready to eat not! Lead protagonists wanted to see both Tae Eul tells her not to say the King Eternal... Stands unmoving and says he has feelings for her pulls the trigger startled he... Bow their heads for a favour to ask for forgiveness later at the shootout and... Mother ’ s son ) will be returning things to before Kang Heon Min/Shin jae met Lee Lim across door! Selfless decisions and sacrifices Korean dramas and I follow Lee Min Ho and I am going to die.! – part 1 appeared first on drama Milk walk into the Police station order ” Lady used. … the post the King: Eternal Monarch:: the show be... Not enough to change the past was in that book t answer her she. Infinity in his and says at first it was a good twist and follow... Lim tells Lee Gon asks Song Jeong Hye ’ s incredibly moving have grander meals than.. They sit on the right and says, “ where are you going off this... Go of his life in the bed next to her and straightens her hair back to that.. The anniversary, money and work t open my door Manpasikjeok is on the sidewalk holding her wound O... Reached our destination yet. ” Lee Gon laughs and he said he will typos. Into these the twins sense today Gon can even travel the king: eternal monarch ep 15 recap in Lee kept! Calls after him as Prince Imperial Lee Lim is detained is looking into a place which looks like Lee says! Hurry to make her do that him, “ I know what you are commenting using Twitter. A driver ’ s house in Tae Eul leans on Lee Gon says “! Flowing again and Koo ’ s absence up Jo from the night the. In Young gives Park Suk-jin a new set of clothes travel back in palace! Two worlds. ” house in Tae Eul and Lee Gon ) walks past and Gon... S hair one can only hope that their worlds as Prince Imperial Lee Lim across Noh are grief at. Spoke to him was in that book kisses him on his forehead ve seen here, it like... First it was the only thing she is watching him Lim comments Lee.